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Electrix was originally founded in 1999 and quickly gained a reptuation for creating new, unique, and solid products. Its original line constisted of three time-synchronized effects modules: Filter Factory, Warp Factory, and Mo FX. In 2000, Electrix released the Filter Queen, a smaller version of the popular Filter Factory, and the EQ Killer, a powerful 3-band EQ with full frequency kills. The Repeater, Electrix's most advanced and popular product to date, was launched in 2001. Electrix legacy products have been used in the studio and on stage by some of the world's top musicians including U2's The Edge, Chris Wolstenholme of Muse, Mike Einziger of Incubus, Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, and Imogen Heap.

All the products below have since been discontinued and are no longer in production. The information below was taken from the original brochures and is for informational pruposes only.

Mixware, LLC acquired Electrix in 2010 with a keen understanding of the brand's original vision and mission, and plans to update and improve upon the ground work that was laid down over a decade ago. We live in a musical world where the lines between production, performance, DJing, sampling, and remixing have been blurred. Electrix aims to provide the right gear to fill the needs of today's production and performance artists.


Repeater is the next step in the evolution of loop-based music production. To the studio musician, it gives a power to arrange audio that was normally reserved for MIDI. Live musicians can safely sample and integrate loops into their performance with almost no learning curve. Repeater's algorithms are tailored to making the looping process simple and intuitive.

    Repeater Features...
  • Loop Point Assist algorithm takes the tedious pre-production work away from creating the perfect loop. Loop on the fly!
  • High quality pitch shifting and time stretching algorithms gives you creative control over a loops tempo and pitch. Completely change the loop's vibe with a few control tweaks.
  • Audio Beat Detection automatically syncs recording and playback to any audio source.
  • Intuitive interface means a short learning curve so you are having fun and being creative faster.
  • Repeater has an 8-minute (40 MB) loop limit. That's larger than any other hardware, looping device.
  • Repeater can have up to 99 loops with 4 tracks per loop. -Control the level, pan, pitch and position of individual tracks.
  • Independently "Slip" each track position much like you would in a software multi track application like a ProTools or Cubase.
  • The overdub feature lets you build multi-layered loops on each of the 4 tracks.
  • Resample lets you bounce 4 tracks to 1 or 2 and re-record effects into the loop.
  • Overdub regeneration lets Repeater act like a very long delay line.
  • The undo function lets you experiment, overdub, edit and record without the fear of destroying your work.
  • Reverse play and record adds new creative possibilities to your work.
  • "Double loop" multiplies the recorded loop allowing you to create a bed for overdubbing a longer phrase.
  • The front panel trim controls allow you to easily edit the start and end points of your loop.
  • Carry your performance in your pocket! Front loading Compact Flash media gives Repeater virtually unlimited memory expansion.
  • Repeater comes bundled with a 16 MB Compact Flash card to complement the 8 MB internal memory. 24 MB means 4.5 "track" minutes.
  • The largest single card available (as of this writing) is 256 MB or 49 minutes of uncompressed audio. Need more memory? Just swap cards.
  • Purchasing the optional Sandisk ImageMate gives Repeater Mac and PC compatibility (suggested retail ). The ImageMate sits on your desk and acts like a removable disk drive, treating the flash memory card like a diskette. Drag and drop files to your hard drive and back. Record loops on Repeater and transfer them onto your computer for integration into your recording software.
    File Format
  • Repeater records uncompressed WAV files giving you high quality audio that is compatible with other environments.
  • Remote Control
  • Any TRS style 3-button foot controller (like a Digitech FS-300) gives foot control over play/stop, record and tap tempo.
  • Repeater can be operated from a MIDI foot controller for "Hands Free" use.
  • Full MIDI control also means you can sequence your loops to create complete structures.
  • MIDI control over the pitch offers real-time manipulation over the sample. Experiment with variations of the loop.
  • Repeater's digital out means easy integration into the digital studio environment.
  • The High quality Phono Preamp makes it's easy to sample from vinyl.
  • Repeater's stereo Insert lets you integrate any effects unit into your loop. Assign the insert to individual tracks, the output or the input of Repeater, all from the front panel.
  • Repeater can be configured for Individual track outputs.
  • Repeater's front panel instrument input and headphone output means, "plug and play" looping.

Filter Factory

Put the analog edge back into your sound. Run your signal through the FilterFactory and you'll get everything from thick, retro filter sweeps to sub harmonic rumblings or even tweeter-shredding mayhem. Get everything from thick retro filter sweeps to sub harmonic rumblings or even tweeter-shredding mayhem. Extreme sonic shaping is the bottom line. 101 Flavors. Remix your tracks and explore infinite variations just by twisting the FilterFactory's knobs. MIDI controlled filter, so you can automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.

  • Get a Buzz on? The buzz section gives you everything from a bit of extra punch right through to the `in your face` sound.
  • Can you dig it? Similar to the old hybrid synths of the 70's, FilterFactory is a true analog filter design with digital control.
  • How low can you go? Extreme resonance and cutoff frequency control canmake any frequency sub-basement low or stratospheric with mind numbing self-oscillation.
  • Four Filters in one. Choose between Low pass, High Pass,Band Pass, and Notch filters.
  • Five waveforms to choose from: saw tooth, inverse saw tooth, triangle, square and random.
  • All synch to Tap Tempo or MIDI clock. Single Shot ADSR emulator lets you play the filter without needing a keyboard.
  • Filter's CV input allows most old monosynths to control the FilterFactory's frequency and track the notes you're playing.
  • 4 pole provides a big beefy Mono sound. 2 Pole provides a more controlled stereo signal.

Warp Factory

Make any sound speak! Simply plug in a microphone to use the built in oscillator for the classic vocoder voice. Or combine any two signals to create human-like, 'intergalactic' sounds. How about using the WarpFactory to morph a signal with a keyboard for intense organic synth sounds. Combine our built in oscillator with vocals to produce "intergalactic" vocoder voices. Make your own sounds by using effect pedals and squelching it through the vocoder. Make the synthetic sound organic and the organic sound robotic. Experimentation is what it's all about.

  • Feeling misunderstood? 24 intelligent filter bands go beyond the old fixed band vocoders, delivering incredible sound clarity and ease of use.
  • MIDI controlled vocoding, so you can automate and sequence every single control setting and movement.
  • Plug N' Play Our front panel mic input and built in oscillator equals plug n' play vocoding.
  • Looking for a sex change? The Gender control changes the harmonic content of your formant. Bend from male to female without affecting the pitch.
  • More Variety. WarpFactory can quickly achieve anything from classic vocoder sounds to warbling organic transformations to voice controlled "Filter" sweeps.
  • Ess on and Ess off instantly allows you to have crystal clear sibilance for intelligible vocals or no sibilance at all for a smoother more synthesized sound.
  • Out of breath yet? Formant freeze captures your sounds so you can sustain your signal forever.
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters optimize the signal for voice or non-voice inputs.
  • A Mic bypass on the back panel allows you to toggle between effected and unaffected vocals.


Mo-FX makes it easy to synchronize time-based effects. Synchronizing Flange, Tremelo, and Delay just got as simple as tapping in a tempo or sending Mo-FX MIDI clock. Sculpt your sound! Imagine a shimmering flange on the high end, the tremolo slowly panning the mid range and the delay quantizing your signal. It's a sonic orgy of FX-Sex. Mo' delivers unreal sonic soundscapes and retro-analog effects right through your fingertips. Time and frequency manipulation is the key. Band-aid. Chose which frequency bands or band combinations get whacked through each FX block and unlock new and subtle sonic possibilities.

  • MIDI controllable, so you can automate and sequence every single control setting and movement. Hang on a moment. Play, Punch and attack the Momentary buttons.
  • Achieve switching effects not possible with knobs or bypass controls.
  • No means No. Gain intuitive expression with your time based effects. Every control up front and center means no menus, no matrix and no programming.
  • Analog modeled Distortion will take you from subtle warming to total crunching mayhem.
  • The Insert. Add MIDI functionality to a non-MIDI device by sending it through the distortion block insert.
  • The Flange easily spans from understated, subtle pulsations to powerful howling jet screams. You can even manually control the flange sweep.
  • The Tremolo and stereo panner swims through gentle sine and triangular waveforms into the "slicer" effects of varying square waves. Analog Modeled Delay of up to 2.6 seconds.
  • Featuring tape delay, pitch shifting effects and a left/right stereo ping-pong mode.
  • Synchronized timing is accurately achieved through MIDI or real time controls.

Filter Queen

Big analog sound in a small package! Nothing sounds as great as real analog filtering. Filterqueen can turn the dullest, most lifeless signals into lush, warm, phat sounds. Use an expression pedal to control the Band, Notch, Low Pass or High Pass filters and go way beyond the classic Wah sounds. Or use the band limited envelope follower to trigger filter sweeps. Produce surreal Phase shifting effects by combining our unique "negative" resonance with the Notch filter and a fast LFO. FilterQueen is the first multi mode, stereo filter ever to hit this price range and if that's not enough, its audio quality will impress even the most discerning ear. Powerful sound shaping, wicked price. Sound Investment. Combining quality, versatility and price, FilterQueen will endure from hobby to pro.

  • Does Size Matter? Our Unique 10" tabletop/modular rack-mount design can easily find a home in your space.
  • Raise the Dead! Nothing is as powerful or sounds as great as real analog filtering.
  • Four Filter Types. Choose between Low pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Notch filters.
  • Five Waveforms: saw tooth, inverse saw tooth, triangle, square and random.
  • The Envelope Follower creates a unique sound-shaping palette with depth, shape and band limiting controls.
  • The LFO can be used at the same time as the envelope follower for some f***ed-up modulations.
  • The Expression Pedal input lets you play the frequency like a Wah pedal.
  • Loads of I/O allows you to run virtually anything through the FilterQueen.

EQ Killer

The Customizable Kill Box. Most EQs are too gentle to do anything dramatically creative with. EQKiller transforms the EQ concept and gives you the ultimate control over frequency manipulation. EQKiller combines flawless audio quality with classic Electrix hands-on control to create an unparalleled remix tool for your studio. It's the ultimate sonic surgeon. Analog Munging. Instantly reconstruct signals without pre- production or MIDI reprogramming. Shhhhhhh. EQKiller uses the same components found in high-end recording consoles to ensure silent switching.

  • Sonic Surgery. EQKiller can truly deconstruct sounds with its frequency tool kit: high and low tunable crossovers, band killing and frequency controlled FX send and return.
  • Three EQ bands. With 6dB level boost or minus infinity cut.
  • Tunable Crossover Frequencies.
  • Low Pass and High Pass controls allow you to customize your EQ bands.
  • Momentary Buttons.
  • Our silent, spring- loaded buttons let you instantly kick frequencies in and out as fast as your fingers can fly.
  • FX Send and Return allows processing of only the "killed" frequencies.
  • This produces totally unique FX processing possibilities.
  • Two input sources with phono preamps give the remix artist a studio quality, live remix tool.
  • Line level RCA connectors run at +4dBu studio signal levels.
  • Join Us. Use the joiner plate to connect the EQ with FilterQueen to create a custom 19" Rack-mount EQ/Filter.
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