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The Electrix Tweaker is a DJ-style live performance MIDI controller that works with MIDI-compatible software, such as Traktor, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch Live, Arkaos GranDJ, and more. Gathering a wide variety of controls elements in a compact portable design, the control surface includes a 32-button grid, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings, in a 2 channel DJ mixer style interface, with super bright multi color LED feedback.

The intuitive, compact layout is well suited for the studio, the stage, and the DJ booth. Use it as your main DJ controller or as an add-on to any setup. Removable legs are included to elevate the unit to the height of turntables and DJ mixers, making it ideal for use alongside DVS systems like Traktor Scratch and Serato Scratch Live.

Tweaker is fully USB powered and USB Class Compliant in both Mac OS and Windows, and does not require any MIDI drivers for either platform. An additional set MIDI I/O ports are provided to connect other devices.

The control surface is also ideal for other MIDI compatible applicaions such as video or lighting control.

Tweaker includes Traktor LE 2 DJ software with overlay, Ableton Live Remote Script for native controller support (also with overlay included), Traktor Pro 2 and Serato Scratch Live mappings, plus the Tweaker Editor software that enables customization over Tweaker settings and preset creation for use with various MIDI applications.

Tweaker was developed in cooperation with Livid Instruments.



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Traktor Pro 2

The Traktor Pro 2 mapping assigns all of Traktor's essential functions for DJing so you can start mixing records in minutes using just a Tweaker and your laptop. Most of the Tweaker's control elements have multiple mapping layers, which makes it extremely versatile. The mixer channels provide controls for playback, mixing, looping, track searching, EQing, filtering, and more. The velocity pads control individual effects with pressure sensitivity and aftertouch which allows for expressive control over the effects. The grid saves, triggers, and deletes hot cues and loops, which, together with the looping and moving controls assigned to the encders, makes the Tweaker very handy for track perparation.



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Traktor Remix Decks

Traktor Remix Decks are now MIDI compatible! This is a great mapping to use the Tweaker as a secondary controller for Remix Decks C/D. It gives complete access to all the main features and settings of both remix decks, including triggering sample cells, mute, cell pages, sync, quantize, capture, pitch, reverse, cell types, and more. It also controls mixer channels 3 and 4, giving access to channel faders, EQs, filters, gain and monitoring, as well as file browsing and loading remix sets. Requires Traktor Pro 2.6.2


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Traktor Preparation Mapping

Are you a Traktor user who spends hours managing his track collection and playlists? The preparation mapping will save you lots of time and simplify the tedious task of preparing your new tracks by using the Tweaker's control surface instead of your computer mouse. You can now quickly preview and analyze tracks, fix incorrect beat grids, view your preparation playlist, analyze single tracks or entire playlists, zoom the waveform in and out for precise editing, drop and delete markers and cues using the button grid, set, preview and save loops, adjust or tap the track BPM, move the beat grid, and much more...


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Ableton Live

A Remote Script is included to enable Live to natively support the Tweaker. Tweaker has two session views for independent control and navigation of clips and the mixer. The button grid enables launching and stopping clips, and features a session shift button for an additional layer of control. The drum pads are mapped to the drum rack and can be transposed to access up to 64 drum rack pads. The Mixer controls Volume, EQ and Devices, Solo, Arm Recording, Crossfader A/B Assign, and the Crossfader.


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Serato Scratch Live

Add Tweaker to your Serato rig for the ultimate control. The navigation section is used to browse the crates and library, load tracks, and create instant doubles. The button grid is used to trigger hot cues and loops. The velocity pads control the SP6 sampler and the encoders control the DJFX unit. The two vertical faders are used as pitch faders for internal mode. Combined with instant doubles, it enables you to mix a set with just one turntable, a mixer, and a Tweaker.


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Mixvibes Cross

Tweaker is natively supported in Cross 2.4 and includes all the functions you need to DJ with just a Tweaker and your laptop, or add a pair of turntables for DVS control. The button grid controls playback, hot cue, and loops, while the pads control the sampler, and the channel strips control the mixer, filters, EQs, and monitoring.


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Tweaker Editor

The Tweaker Editor provides a complete interface for modifying the settings and controls of the Tweaker. While the Tweaker provides a lot of capability without ever changing its settings, many users will want to explore its full potential as a controller for various software and hardware platforms. The editor also creates preset files that are stored on your computer, to extend the preset possibilities and share setups with others.

Hardware Features

  • 2 Channel DJ mixer style interface
  • 32 Button grid with multicolor LED feedback to start and stop clips
  • 8 Backlit velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch to trigger samples in Drum Rack
  • 6 Push encoders with LED rings to control EQ3 and other effects devices
  • Intuitive session navigation lets you control tracks and clips independently
  • USB bus powered
  • MIDI In and Out ports to sync external MIDI devices
  • Removable height extension legs
  • Plug and play on Mac and PC
  • Dimensions: 11" x 10.5" x 1.75" (279mm x 267mm x 44.5mm)
$299.99 BUY NOW
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