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The Electrix Tweaker is a compact and portable performance controller for Ableton Live 9. This versatile control surface is able to adapt to many situations and applications, whether in the studio, on stage, or in the DJ booth.

It features a wide variety of control elements, including multicolored soft-touch rubber buttons, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings, faders, and more. The included removable legs elevate the unit to sit alongside (or on top of) traditional DJ gear, and make it easier to setup in small spaces.

Tweaker was developed in cooperation with Livid Instruments.

Official Ableton Live 9 Performance Video with PhadedVision

Control Your Performance

Whereas other controllers only feature part of the necessary elements needed to perform live using Ableton Live, Tweaker gathers a wide set of controls not found on any other single controller, eliminating the need for a large and cumbersome rig.

Its 32-button multicolor grid can be used to trigger clips and quickly navigate the session view for easy access to all clips.

The encoders with LED rings can be used to control the EQ3, or any other effect device.

Tweaker’s velocity sensitive pads can be used to trigger drums and in the Drum Rack and record drum loops in session view, or they can be assigned to other functions using Ableton Live’s MIDI Learn mode.


Bright Multicolor Visual Feedback

The extensive visual feedback and colors let you know exactly what’s going on in your session. So you’ll spend less time squinting at the screen and more time interacting with the music. These LEDs shine so bright they can be seen across any venue and shine just as bright outdoors.


Compatibility & Customization

The Tweaker is USB class compliant, so it doesn’t require any drivers in OS X or Windows.

For those who like to get more out of their hardware, Tweaker is highly customizable. Whether you want to customize your Ableton setup, or want to use the Tweaker with other MIDI compatible software, the included editor software lets you edit and save all settings on the unit include pad sensitivity, LED ring modes, MIDI note and cc messages, encoder speeds, and more.

Additional mappings are also available including Traktor Pro 2, Serato Scratch Live, Mixvibes Cross, and more. The recessed faceplate keeps overlays in tightly place during performances.


Altitude Adjustment

Four removable legs are included to match the height of traditional DJ gear, such as turntables and analog mixers. They are also handy to place the unit on top of other gear.

The legs screw directly into the bottom plate of the unit, so there are no tools needed or screws to misplace. Use all four legs to elevate the unit or use just two to angle it forward or back according to your needs.


Tweaker measures roughly eleven inches square, weights around 5 pounds, and is fully USB powered. This makes it one of the most portable, versatile control surfaces out there. It fits in most DJ/Producer backpacks, and an optional custom molded EVA Durashock case is also available for additional protection.


Control Overview

Ableton Live Control Overview


The Tweaker’s 8×4 button grid is used to create and control clips. You can launch clips, launch scenes, stop clips, or even create a new clip and start recording by pressing an empty slot on the grid. The bottom row of the grid is used to stop clips.

Feedback is provided via multicolor LEDs. Buttons light up white when a clip is present, green when a clip is playing, and red when a clip is recording. If Quantizing is enabled, the buttons flash while waiting to start.

The 4-way Grid Navigation lets you scroll through the clips in the session view.


Drum Rack

The eight velocity sensitive pads are used to trigger samples in Drum Rack, Ableton Live’s built-in drum machine device. The pads also double as bank select buttons while holding shift, so you can access up to 64 samples.

Whether you have one or more Drum Racks in your session, Tweaker will control whichever one is armed for recording.

Recording drum loops on the fly is now quicker and easier than ever by using the Tweaker’s starting and stopping clip record on the grid while using the drum pads to lay down patterns.


The Tweaker’s mixer channels let you control the volume, solo, record arm, crossfader assign, and devices of the selected tracks in Live.

Tracks 1 and 2 are always selected by default at the beginning of a session. The Tracks Select knob is located at the top of the unit, and lets you scroll through the mixer tracks. The bottom row of the grid provides color feedback, showing which two tracks a currently being controlled. Having independent control over clips and tracks is handy for large sessions, or to use the Tweaker’s channel strips to control the return tracks, for example.

The crossfader assign buttons let you easily see if each track is assigned to the left or right side of the crossfader with multicolor feedback.


EQ & Devices

Each mixer channel includes three push encoders with LED rings to control Live’s built-in EQ3 three-band equalizer, as well as the first three parameters of all other devices loaded into a track. Pushing down on the top encoder turns the device on and off, while the other two encoder push buttons let you select the next and previous device in the chain.

MIDI Learn & Customizing

You can use Live’s MIDI learn function to customize any control without affecting the rest of the remote script. For example you can create and assign macros to the encoders to control specific effects, or assign filters to the channel faders if you don’t need them to control the track volumes.


The included overlay for Ableton Live fits tightly on the unit so you won’t have to worry about it coming off or moving around during a performance.

Hardware Features

  • 2 Channel DJ mixer style interface
  • 32 Button grid with multicolor LED feedback to start and stop clips
  • 8 Backlit velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch to trigger samples in Drum Rack
  • 6 Push encoders with LED rings to control EQ3 and other effects devices
  • Intuitive session navigation lets you control tracks and clips independently
  • USB bus powered
  • MIDI In and Out ports to sync external MIDI devices
  • Removable height extension legs
  • Plug and play on Mac and PC
  • Dimensions: 11″ x 10.5″ x 1.75″ (279mm x 267mm x 44.5mm)

In The Box

  • Tweaker MIDI Controller
  • Ableton Live overlay
  • Tweaker Editor Software
  • Removable legs
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start guide


  • Ableton Live 9 Remote Scripts
  • Ableton Live 8 Remote Script
  • Traktor Pro 2 Decks A/B Mapping
  • Traktor Pro 2 Remix Decks C/D Mapping
  • Traktor Pro 2 Preparation Mapping

Ableton Live 9 software not included

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